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LogicWeb owner, Web Hoster & Network Marketer

Hi there ! My name is Chad Abizeid, I'm a web host provider and server administrator from NY. I love creating IT. solutions for developers and businesses. I'm available to work with you.

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Business Marketing & Management

Briefly studied at a local college while trying to determine my future goals and desires. At this stage, it was just to fill the gap. However, this is just the beginning of growing desires and laying the foundation of future succss.


Web Design

Studied online at a NY state college when online schooling was just beginning to grow and gain traction. Still not content, I became an entrepeneur and started my own business in 2002.



Linux Administration – LogicWeb

Started my own web hosting company LogicWeb in 2002 after a few bad experiences with previous web host companies. I stepped in and stepped up to start my own. Now serving thousands of customers worldwide and financially stable.


Windows Server Administration – LogicWeb

Added windows server hosting a year after LogicWeb's inception, and providing windows server solutions ever since for 8 years strong. An excellent platform for most enterprises and mail hosting needs.


My Skills

Web Hosting
Server Administration
Web Design

My Skills

Starting from zero, I've developed an understanding in web design and server administration, networking over the last 10 years. I'm passionate about knowledge and continual growth, expansion.

  • Intermediate Web Design
  • Server Admin
  • Forum/Blog Tweaks
  • HTML / CSS
  • Network Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social Development
  • Web Design
I have joined LogicWeb 9 years ago and since then I am very pleased with the excellent services. My issues were always handled very promptly by very knowledgeable staff and I always get quick and friendly responses to any questions I have.

Budimir Lazic – Travel Planner

I've been with logicweb since they were virtuoso and very small. They have done nothing but improve in all areas and the last two years have really become very responsive, courteous and efficient. Kudos to all.

R J Mike Nielsen – Hoster

I've been with them for almost 10 years now starting when they were Virtuoso. Fast sites and great features for the price! In the end the service is up and running and it's good! I'm not moving.

Mark Wishneusky – Event DJ

My Services

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me to discuss your project and web hosting needs. I'll gladly speak to you over the phone and provide you some direction to better assist you in the right path for your needs.

Web Design

No experience needed. LogicWeb's instant website builder is fully modern and ahead of the competition in more ways than one. Try it out for free and see for yourself.

Web Hosting Services

Celebrating 10 years, LogicWeb is a privately owned, financially successful tier-1 web hosting provider. Our purpose is to serve our clients the best support and service hands down.

Talk Jesus Christian Community

Established in 2003 (rebuilt 2004) with the vision and goal of sharing the love of GOD through Jesus Christ to the "ends of the earth". Join us today, it's free.

Business Reputation

We believe that that managing your reviews and building your online presence is important for any business. Logicweb has a program to meet your needs.

Domain Registration

We provide over 50 TLD domain options to choose from and you retain full ownership of your domain. We do not lock you in or control your domain with any restrictions.  

Other Hosting / IT Services

For a full list of services LogicWeb providers, please visit this link. We will cater to your business needs at any level and provide you unsurpassed support and exceptional service.


  • Talk Jesus – Christian Community

  • LogicWeb – Web Hosting

  • WebsiteSEOHost– SEO Hosting

  • Networking Marketing – Amway+

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